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Health and well-being should neither be complicated to achieve nor expensive to maintain. It is a part of our philosophy at Herbal Hermetics to not only simplify the pursuit of vitality, but also help people achieve a solid foundation of energy, peace and happiness.


Herbal Hermetics approaches the science of traditional herbalism with this in mind, but also recognizes that the body is a unique, singular manifestation of the Divine with no separation between the health of the Body and the health of the Spirit.

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Herbal Hermetics provides holistic herbal and nutritional consultation sessions.  Appointments are available for those seeking alternative support for chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety, depression, chronic digestive issues, insomnia, autoimmune conditions, and diagnosed diseases.

Also offered are educational sessions on nutrition and diet-related health concerns, seasonal cleansing, fasting protocols, and athletes looking to boost their performance.




406 - 599 - 9055

Herbal Hermetics

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406 - 599 - 9055

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