The Art and Science of Herbalism

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hermetic Philosophy is the study of principle substances in the natural world and their processes, how they evolve and how they maintain themselves. The central premise of the Science is: all things are generated out of a single source material. Through the adaptation of this material, all things evolve and maintain a unique interconnectivity, no matter how far divided. Many philosophers and scientists have made convincing arguments as to what this source material in nature may be, but we are more interested in how these ideas can be applied to human health and herbalism.

The foundation of the developed human system, the source matter of anatomy and physiology, lies in the composition of the blood plasma. Hermetic tradition views plasma as a divine nectar, a nutrient rich, vital substance which circulates throughout the entirety of the body. It brings life and vitality to every cell and organ -- but only if its flow is unobstructed and the nutrients made available. Problems arise when the digestive channels become blocked or clogged, and dis-ease engenders when the more subtle channels go unsupported in their movements. This stagnation of nutrients allows for natural putrefaction to occur within the body.

The science of herbalism is practiced by supplementing our most vital substance with the phyto-nutrients found in a variety of plants to re-open the body's natural circulation and allow it to clear out the byproducts of metabolism, as well as make more use out of the food we eat daily.


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